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    sacred beauty grains™

    Sweet Medicine has combined these two magical ingredients to create Sacred Beauty Grains. An exfoliant and purifying mask gentle enough to use every day, Sacred Beauty Grains gives your skin the kiss of Mother Earth, replenishes lost nutrients, deep cleanses, refines pores and diminishes fine lines. Experience the radiant glow of a healthy complexion. You will notice how smooth your skin looks and feels the first time you use it! PH balanced, 100% pure, natural, preservative free, and all vegan. Ingredients: Anasazi Beans, Blue Corn, Essence of Lavender or Essence of Peppermint.

    Offered in two luscious fragrances: Refreshing Peppermint or Sweet Lavender

    From the Land of Enchantment comes a beauty secret from the “ancient ones,” the Anasazi Indians, who were the indigenous peoples of the southwest. They vanished, leaving behind architectural wonders, exquisite pottery, intricate baskets, and buried for five hundred years the recently uncovered nutrient rich Anasazi bean. Because of the beans’ resilience and rejuvenating properties it acts as a nutritive for the skin.

    Blue corn was cultivated alongside the Anazasi bean. It is sacred to native peoples for its dietary and spiritual properties.


    Increases circulation, awakens and rejuvenates.
     4.3 oz. - $24.00


    Calms, soothes, refreshes and smells divine.
     4.3 oz. - $24.00

    olive oil salt and sugar buffs

    Olive Oil has been used for health in Mediterranean cultures both past and present. This is the reason we use it exclusively in these essential beauty products. Use Sweet Body Buff and Sweet Feet Scrub to polish, moisturize, rejuvenate and soften your whole body.

    sweet feet scrub

    Made with pure olive oil, Epsom salts, earth salt and our exotic blend of aromatic oils.
    Oils of Sandalwood, Lotus and Magnolia.
     16oz. - $24.00

    sweet body buff

    Moisturize, polish, and soften. Made with pure olive oil, sugar granules and our exotic blend of aromatic oils.
    Oils of Sandalwood, Lotus and Magnolia.
     32oz. - $36.00

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